A good golf umbrella come from China

- Jun 20, 2019-



As one of the professional supplier of golf umbrella from China.

We offered various style of golf umbrellas to our wholesale and importers from World wide.


Since we made so many style of golf umbrella,we conclude that the better golf umbrella products should have more than 100 styles,as the combine of handle difference.


The material of golf umbrella difference also caused it in different performance in our daily use.


The top golf umbrella should have Tags as below,we always need to claim,that's the best golf umbrella.


Such as:

1:"Well worth its higher price-tag—it is made from strong nylon fabric, which offers UV protection and 100 percent water repellency."

2:"Fortunately, saving money doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality. The double canopy has a 62” arc and is made from durable pongee fabric."

3: "With a 68” arc, it offers maximum coverage for up to four people, making it the perfect choice not only for golfers but for families as well."

4: With its innovative square-shaped canopy, it’s guaranteed to stand out in a crowd filled with conventional circular umbrellas."



The 4 sentence all are claimed that the products is absolutely perfect.

As we know,a good product based on the structure and design,as a hand made product from China,the most important it's the material.


As a professional supplier,we deal with many material supplier from Zhejiang China and Fujian China,we focus more on the quality of materials.We request our material supplier follow the density request of fabric,follow the GSM request of metal ribs,even we are always testing the strong of fiberglass.

That's the way to make sure the basic material can make a perfect golf umbrella.

Then the most most important proceed comging.

1:Make sure to have a clean place for production

2:Make sure the workers follow the request of production line.


There should be so many factor to create a good product.

It's hard to explain each of the details.

Anyway,based on the material and workers' request,a good golf umbrella should be most possibly come from China.

And we are one of the manufacture special for golf umbrella in China.

Please remember our name: Xiamen Sunshine Brella Co.,ltd

You can visit our factory site http://www.sunshine-brella.com for more information.


We hope to get your kindly inquiry with specification.