Advertising golf umbrella – Custom Made Printing Umbrella to enhance corporate publicity

- Jun 02, 2019-

cocacola advertising golf umbrella

Customized gifts are the improvement of corporate brand quality and culture, and are also richer and more reliable in the process of building brand culture system. For consumers, customizing any product is a very enjoyable life experience, not to show off wealth, not to be a status symbol. In this world, everyone has their own fashion codes, and standardized and large-scale products can never perform themselves perfectly. The “customization” trend has emerged. The same is true for the printing of umbrellas. A custom printed umbrella is both beautiful and fashionable, and is popular among the public. Printing umbrella is a gift that is also an advertisement, a mobile billboard.


Personalized customization is the production process in which the user intervenes in the product. The specified pattern and text are printed on the designated product, and the user obtains a customized product with a strong personal attribute. Umbrella printing is a kind of personalized customization. Customized umbrellas and other supplies are custom printed wholesale, inheriting corporate culture, enhancing corporate brand image, showing company image and enhancing corporate brand value.


Umbrella printing materials selected during the processing of umbrellas are basically polyester, nylon, and possibly polypropylene. They are all chemical fiber fabrics. High-grade composite materials are a kind of high-tech synthetic special materials. If printed something on the fabric, it will not ease to be removed, and the purpose of printing is to advertise, the company will not choose the dye that is easy to be removed. Dyes are substances that stain fibers and other materials, dyes are divided to natural and synthetic type. A dye is a substance that can adhere a certain color to a fiber, and is not easily peeled off or discolored. Dyes are usually dissolved in water, and some dyes require a mordant to allow the dye to adhere to the fibers.


Commodity promotion should be unconventional, and consumers should also develop towards the pursuit of personalized consumption concepts. Especially for the younger generation, the personalized consumption concept is their unique perspective and performance. The plain and graphic design will be submerged in the ocean of various goods. Therefore, for designers, mastering more graphic expression methods, more unique creative thinking methods and performance angles, as well as More contemporary and forward-looking ideas, is the key to the personality and success of graphic language in advertising umbrella design. .


On the basis of simple shape, environmentally friendly and comfortable fashion materials, umbrella is endowed with more functions through innovative design.