Advertising umbrella Custom Common sense must read

- Dec 06, 2018-

Advertising umbrellas, as business promotional gifts, advertising gifts, are often used in various commercial activities. Advertising umbrellas have many advantages, such as long advertising time, low advertising cost, and a wide audience. The general advertising umbrella is divided into a large sun advertising umbrella and a small advertising umbrella, which mainly explains the customization of the small advertising umbrella. Small advertising umbrella, which is the kind of folding or straight advertising umbrella that we usually use when it rains. The advertising umbrella is roughly divided into two types: straight rod and folding. The folding advertising umbrella has two fold advertising umbrella and three-fold advertising. Umbrella, this price is not much different, the main purpose of advertising umbrella is to look at the quality of work, the price of advertising umbrella is also from a few yuan to tens of dollars. Regarding the quality of advertising umbrella, you can refer to Hengxin Ocean Umbrella In the type of advertising umbrella, it is also important to pay attention to the umbrella cloth used in the advertising umbrella mentioned here. The umbrella cloth of the advertising umbrella has a general umbrella cloth, and there is also an umbrella cloth with silver glue. The umbrella cloth with silver glue can be used. To the anti-UV advertising umbrella, the price will be slightly more expensive than the advertising umbrella without silver glue.

Let me talk about the printing of advertising umbrellas. The text pattern and logo on the advertising umbrella, there are several printing methods, generally using silk screen, thermal transfer, etc., silk screen advertising umbrella color is generally not too much, if you need to display a very complex pattern on the custom advertising umbrella, you can The use of thermal transfer, thermal transfer printing advertising umbrella price is slightly higher than the silk screen advertising umbrella, because the cost of thermal transfer is relatively high, in the custom advertising umbrella will also involve plate making, the general version of the fee It won't be very expensive, there are one or two hundred, and there are four or five hundred. If the number of customized advertising umbrellas is relatively large, the printing cost of advertising umbrella printing can be avoided. The general large advertising umbrella can be made by customizing a few. However, the version fee will be more expensive, and the production of ordinary advertising umbrellas will require at least 500-1000 (excluding umbrellas that do not print advertisements).

As for the brand of advertising umbrella, the earliest brand has to be paradise umbrella, but its price is also more expensive. Nowadays, there are many brands of advertising umbrellas, and the price is low. The quality of some advertising umbrellas is also very good. When customizing the advertising umbrella, we must pay attention to the quality of the advertising umbrella and the service.