Creative umbrella - Air umbrella...

- May 19, 2019-

In everyone's traditional consciousness, the umbrellas used to withstand wind and rain are more traditional shapes, and are generally composed of umbrellas canopy, umbrella ribs and umbrella frames. However, in the IT era, this idea should be changed. Umbrella custom manufacturers tell you that there has been a designer who has introduced a singular umbrella that subverts the traditional design, even with a parasol-free design, it can be said to be unique.


The shape of this umbrella is different, and there is no umbrella surface of ordinary umbrella. There is only one handle, so how does it work? It has built-in motor and switch control device. By controlling the switch on the handle, the umbrella is like a long strip of hair dryer, which draws air from the bottom, accelerates and ejects from the top, forming a gas curtain on the top of the user's head. The air curtain can act as a canopy to blow off raindrops and block rain.


Through simple operation, the user can also control the size of the air curtain, and how much the air curtain is adjusted, depending on how many people are walking side by side under this alternative umbrella. So in a rainy day in the future, if you see someone on the street holding a "magic wand" and carrying a group of people in the rain, you don't have to make a fuss, it is just a scene of our daily life in the IT world.


Umbrella manufacturers say that this "air umbrella" is lighter in weight and easy to carry. It also has the advantages of self-sustaining and environmental protection. At the same time, the unique function of "air umbrella" also brings good news to the riders in the rainy days.