Automatic umbrella repair method

- Dec 07, 2018-

Umbrellas on the umbrella wholesale market, especially umbrellas, advertising umbrellas, advertising umbrellas, etc., have been pursuing practicality and pursuing fashion, and have become the decorations of people, especially women. Of course, it is easy to break down. It’s a small problem, it’s a pity to throw it away. Here are a few ways to fix your umbrella.

1. The umbrella and the rod are separated. When the umbrella is automatically opened, the fixing pin is broken due to the spring force of the spring, and the umbrella and the rod are separated.

Repair method:

1 Replace the T-shaped pin, press the original pin, and replace it with a flat iron shovel. When loading the pin, firstly align the orientation of the upper umbrella bar, put the pin on the round hole of the two handles, push the umbrella rod to make it pass over the inner stalk, and then restore the inner stalk. Put the umbrella on, press the beginning, the umbrella can be opened in sections, and it is automatically blocked. Repeated several times and no longer separated, they will be repaired.

2 Use a wire with a diameter of one millimeter, refer to the original, fold and bend into a T-shaped pin, or substitute. Pay attention to the corners to be clamped, the entire pin can not exceed the 1 word groove, otherwise there will be resistance when opening the umbrella. Exceeding the local available small trowel to level, the installation method is the same as above.

2. Fix the round hole of the pin to slide the pin and the umbrella off the rail. In the event of such a failure, the T-pin is generally intact and still available. Repair method: At the hole of the round hole, add a thin copper piece, firmly solder with tin, then use a boring tool to repair the groove, insert the T-shaped pin into the round hole, and put it back, and try it several times without error, that is, repair it.

3. Hang the groove slip. The hook of the automatic switch control can not be fixed after the umbrella is closed, and the umbrella is often automatically opened. Repair method: In the middle of the hook, use a knife to open a gap. It can be seen when the umbrella is closed. It can be automatically opened when the umbrella is opened. The gap is small and large, and the side is tested until it is suitable.