History of the transparent umbrella

- May 08, 2019-

transparent umbrella

Every time watching Japanese TV dramas or walk in the rainy Japanese streets, we could found that most Japanese people like to use transparent umbrellas.


Japan's transparent umbrella, the first thing to talk about is a Japanese company that specializes in rain gear, called ホワイトローズ, which is actually white rose, which means white rose. White Rose, the name is really sentimental. The name of this company is very good, but a company with a long history, founded in 1721, became a specialized rain gear company in 1825.


Of course this is also a family business. The company created the world's first transparent umbrella in 1955. Transparent, milky white. It looks crystal clear, and there has never been such a strange umbrella in the world. It’s also very good luck. It’s an umbrella that “sells the face” and has no special features in other functions. It always attracts the attention of others in the first place.


Later, the white rose transformed the transparent umbrella, not only in a variety of colors, but also printed patterns and patterns on the plastic. These different styles became popular in Ginza.

clear umbrella


Ginza is the popular place of origin in Japan, and many new products are starting from Ginza. Therefore, the popularity of the transparent umbrella suddenly caught the attention of the media, and began to have a magazine report "Ginza popular transparent umbrella" is so good! ! Suddenly, the transparent umbrella suddenly became a popular weather vane, and there have been countless large and small transparent umbrella manufacturers in Japan. Of course, at this time, transparent umbrellas have also spread to all of Japan.


The transparent umbrella is really something as strange as it is in Japanese society.