How did the Chinese umbrella come from - An interesting history story of Luban umbrella

- Jun 03, 2019-

history of umbrella

In the past, there was no umbrella in the world. At that time, it was very inconvenient for people to go out. In the summer, with a hot sun, the skin is burned with burning heat. It’s raining, and the clothes are drenched. Later, Lu Ban took a lot of thought and finally invented the umbrella.


LuBan learned his carpentry with his father from an early age. He is very smart and very hardworking. After studying for a few years, he will build a house and build a bridge. Building bridges and building houses are all open-air jobs. He thought: We work hard outside, it is inevitable that we are exposed to the rain and sun, and those who go out on the road will suffer even more. If you can do something, cover the sun and keep out the rain, then that's fine. Luban began to use his brain. Together with several carpenters, he built a pavilion on the side of the road. The top of the pavilion was pointed and supported by several pillars on all sides. Then, they built many pavilions along the way. In this way, the people who go out on the road are much more convenient, if the rain is coming, hiding in the pavilions, if the sun is hot, take a break in the pavilions.

origin of umbrella


Luban created a good thing for people and everyone was very grateful to him. But Luban himself is quite dissatisfied. He thought, what if the rain keeps going, what should I do? People can't always hide in the pavilion. We still have to find another way! If you can make the pavilion so small, let everyone take it with him, how wonderful! But what method can I use to make the pavilion very light and small? For this matter, he didn't eat well and didn't sleep well.


One day, the sun was so hot that he worked while wiping his sweat. Suddenly he saw many children splashing into the lotus pond to play with water. After a while, they came ashore and picked up a lotus leaf and turned it over the small head.


Luban found it interesting, and asked them: "What do you do with lotus leaf on your head?" The little boy said with a sigh of relief: "Master Luban, you see, the sun is like a big steamer, we have covers on our heads. With the lotus leaf we are not afraid of the hot sun."

chinese umbrella


LuBan grabbed a lotus leaf and carefully smashed it. The lotus leaf was round and had a silky vein on it. Covered it on our head, light and cool. LuBan’s heart lit up and ran home. He found a piece of bamboo and made a lot of thin strips. He made a shelf according to the style of the lotus leaf. He found a piece of sheepskin and cut it round and covered on bamboo shelf. "Okay, okay!" he screamed happily: "This stuff keeps out the rain and the hot sun, and it's light and clever."

origin of chinese umbrella


Luban’s wife heard him yelling and ran out of the house and asked him: “What happened?” Luban handed the newly made things to his wife. His wife said: "Yes, good. But the rain stopped, the sun went down, and it was inconvenient to walk with this stuff. If it can be closed up, that would be great."


"Yes, yes!" Luban was very happy to listen this, so he started to work with his wife and changed the thing into something that is unfixed. If need it, opened it up; if you don't need it, gather it again. What is this thing? It is the umbrella that people use today.


chinese umbrella history