How does Outdoor Parasol Umbrella play its advertising role?

- May 31, 2019-

patio umbrella with advertising


Parasol (Sun umbrella) are umbrellas that are mainly used to block direct sunlight and block rain. The main role of outdoor advertising parasol umbrellas is:


1. Strong selection of regions and consumers. On the one hand, outdoor advertising umbrellas can select advertising forms according to the characteristics of the area. For example, in commercial streets, squares, parks, vehicles, different advertising umbrella expressions can be selected, and outdoor advertising sun umbrellas can also be based on a mental characteristics, customs and habits; on the other hand, outdoor advertising umbrellas can provide repeated publicity for the fixed consumers who are regular in this area, making their image fierce.


2. Outdoor advertising parasol can make better use of consumers who are on the way, in the travel or in the public, at this moment, some well-planned advertising umbrellas can often leave a very deep image leading to higher attention rate. It is easier to do its job of advertising umbrella.


3. Outdoor advertising umbrella has a certain persecution nature, even if the rushed consumers may leave a certain image due to the random glimpse of advertising umbrellas, and through repeated iterations, some products have a deeper image in their mind.


4. Outdoor parasol umbrella advertising performance forms are colorful. Especially the 63inch advertising umbrella, thermal transfer printing advertising umbrellas, making the outdoor advertising sun umbrella has its own characteristics. And these outdoor advertising parasol umbrellas also have the function of beautifying the city. These advertisements fit seamlessly into the city, usually make consumers naturally remember the advertising on umbrellas.


5. Outdoor advertising sun umbrella content is simple, can avoid interference of other content and competition advertising, and the cost of outdoor advertising parasol is lower than that of TV and newspaper.