How to check the quality of a good UV Protection Sun Umbrella?

- May 21, 2019-

sun umbrella uv protection

One of the essential items in many women's bags is a beautiful sun umbrella. With the rapid rise of global temperature, how to buy a real sunshade and UV protection sun umbrella is very important, and it is convenient to protect your skin. With the arrival of summer, more and more women know about sun umbrellas. Many people think that as long as they are umbrellas it can block ultraviolet rays, it is a big mistake and a chaos in the market. Today SUNSHINE will simply explain the UV protection sun umbrella.


Choose a parasol must check these four points - color, coating, UPF, material!

1. The UPF value. As long as the protection factor (UPF) 50+ is indicated, it means that the UV blocking effect is very good.

2. Aluminum or fiberglass umbrella frame will be lighter and stronger, we can choose it when choosing an umbrella.

3. The light transmittance, is a important standard for the inspection of the umbrella, the darker the color of the umbrella, the lower the light transmittance, the better the ability to resist ultraviolet rays, the black sun umbrella is the best sunscreen.

4. The coating, when choosing a parasol, first see if there is coating. This acts to reflect light. Currently the most popular is the vinyl parasol, which has a higher sun protection index than other coatings.

5. The tightness of the umbrella fabric is another important factor affecting the UV resistance of the umbrella. The tighter the fabric, the worse the light transmission and the better the UV protection. The UV blocking effect of the polyester fiber material will be relatively better.