How to maintain a good umbrella

- Dec 06, 2018-

Umbrellas are often used in our daily lives, especially in the spring and summer of the South. Sometimes we find that the newly purchased umbrellas will not be used for a long time. Most of the cases are not quality problems, probably because of improper use and maintenance.

The most common area where umbrellas are easily damaged is the umbrella stand. The two parts of the middle bar, the umbrella face and the handle are less damaged.

There are many kinds of materials for umbrellas, and the use of different materials for umbrellas is different. The method and maintenance are different.

If the umbrella stand adopts the double-slot windproof design, it is better to use a strong and flexible elastic bone and aluminum skeleton.

Most umbrellas nowadays solve the problem of easy damage of the umbrella frame. Instead, they use the full fiber skeleton or the semi-fiber bone. The fiber bone is not rusted, strong and elastic, and the wind resistance coefficient is extremely high, so it is not easy to bend or break. .

Because of its convenient carrying and light weight, the folding umbrella is the summer favorite of ladies. The umbrella stand and the umbrella pole of the folding umbrella are mostly iron, some are galvanized, chrome-plated, and some are painted and painted. Lightweight, so the material is not strong enough, most of these umbrellas are sun-proof and rain-proof, so they are not resistant to wind, so if you encounter strong winds, these umbrellas are not suitable for use, do not open them, otherwise they will be damaged most of the time.

If you use iron umbrella stand and middle bar in straight umbrella and golf umbrella, you will generally use some materials and have better wind resistance coefficient, but they can all bear weight. If you use crutches or heavy loads, you can't do it. .

Nowadays, some umbrellas, whether straight umbrellas, golf umbrellas or reverse umbrellas, are basically made of all-fiber bones. The umbrellas made in this way are basically not damaged from the perspective of umbrella stands and umbrella poles. Unless the umbrella is broken.

Umbrella maintenance is very important. Umbrella cloth is basically chemical fiber raw material. Remember to stay away from fire. After the umbrella is used up, put it in a dry, ventilated place, open it to dry, and prevent mold on the umbrella cloth. Case.

Most of the umbrellas are collected and bundled, so before you open the umbrella, you should shake the umbrella surface, straighten the ribs, and then slowly open it to prevent the ribs from breaking and umbrella cloth. damaged.

In recent years, some sunscreens have been applied to umbrellas. There are black glue, silver glue and gold glue. Since the coatings are chemical dyes, they will become soft when exposed to water, and will become brittle when exposed to sunlight. The phenomenon of degumming, these rubber umbrellas, after the rainy days are used up, they must be opened and dried, and then collected.

Most of the umbrellas are semi-automatic. They need to be opened by hand or umbrellas. The position of the umbrellas is not very large, and there is no need to use very strong air. The umbrellas or umbrellas need to be slower, and they can be received in place.

Use the umbrella surface to wipe clean. If you accidentally get dirty, use a small toothbrush or a clean rag to dip it with alcohol. Do not wait for a long time to wipe it, and it is not easy to wipe it clean.

If you go outside on a hot day, put the umbrella down at home and put it down at room temperature, then cool down, then put it away. If you can't heat it, it will be put up quickly. This will easily damage the rubber surface, and the umbrella surface will be aging, brittle and easy. rotten.

In short, the umbrella should be used well, first of all, we must choose a good umbrella, good material, good workmanship, of course, one price for one item, the other is to master the basic knowledge of umbrella, maintenance and maintenance, a good umbrella Always with you.