Overview of common materials for umbrella cloth

- Dec 06, 2018-

Umbrella umbrella cloth commonly used materials have the following main categories:

Punch cloth PG (Pongee):

It is a man-made fiber with a soft texture. The surface of the fabric is dull and not easy to reflect. The fabric like clothing has excellent hand feeling. It is like the cloth made of natural materials (such as cotton cloth), and it has good resistance to cold shrinkage. Therefore, it is widely used, and straight or folded umbrellas can be used. High-density impact cloth is a new type of fabric.

It has the following characteristics: the color is matte and dark. The fabric feels like cotton, the light resistance is better, the cost of PG cloth is relatively high, but the UV protection function, the quality stability, the color grade are ideal, it is a better umbrella cloth, the general PG cloth is only used in high-grade In the umbrella


Invented in the United Kingdom in 1940, it is a man-made fiber made of plastic. The texture is hard, the surface of the cloth is highly reflective, and the bottom layer can be added with a silver base oil to enhance the shading degree. The price is better than the touch, and the straight body or the folding umbrella is suitable.

The characteristics of the polyester cloth are: the color is more beautiful, and the umbrella fabric is placed on the hand, the crease is obvious, and it is not easy to restore. When the fabric is moving, it will feel resistance, and when it is smashing, there will be a rustling sound. Applying a layer of silver glue on the polyester is what we usually call a silver plastic umbrella. The function of the silver tape to protect against ultraviolet rays is better, but after a long time of use, the silver glue in the folded place is easily separated.

Applying a layer of silver powder on the polyester is what we usually call a pearl cloth umbrella. The color of the pearl cloth is more beautiful, which is very popular among women, but the anti-sun UV effect is not ideal.


Invented in 1930, it is a man-made fiber of petroleum by-product. The fabric is light, soft to the touch, reflective on the surface, and has a general ability to shrink and heat up. It is also widely used on umbrellas. The price is more expensive than polyester and touch, and straight or folded umbrellas are suitable.

Nylon cloth is also a high-grade variety of umbrella fabrics. This poncho has a bright color and feels like silk on the hand. It is moved back and forth with hand, and the resistance is very small. However, this kind of cloth has a weakness, which is greatly affected by the humidity of the air, and the umbrella cloth shrinks more seriously, sometimes even affecting the normal opening and closing of the umbrella surface. So in our commonly used umbrella fabrics, it’s not that much

Oxford Fabric:

Oxford cloth is usually used on outdoor umbrellas, and the cloth is thicker. Generally, the thickness of 210T is used as the umbrella of the outdoor umbrella.

Satin Umbrella Fabric:

A fabric with soft texture and soft and smooth hand. It is widely used on clothes and coated with a waterproof layer on the umbrella surface.


The full name is Polyvinyl chloride (PVC):

A transparent plastic material is the only material that can be made into a transparent effect. Because the umbrella surface and the umbrella surface are easy to stick, powder is added to reduce mutual adhesion. The texture is hard and suitable for straight use. On the umbrella, the price is appropriate.

T/C cotton cloth:

It is made of cotton fabric and Polyester Fabric. It is softer than polyester fabric, and the fabric is heavy and thick. It is only suitable for use on umbrellas.


An opaque plastic material with a softer texture than PVC. The umbrella surfaces do not stick to each other. They are more suitable for use on straight umbrellas. The price is higher than PVC.

Pearl Fabric:

It is a kind of polyester fabric with reflective effect. The umbrella surface has a little reflective grain. It is full of light and dazzling. It is generally used on ladies umbrellas, straight or folded umbrellas.