Print promotion Umbrellas jobs explain and Guide

- Jul 07, 2019-

Print promotion Umbrellas jobs explain and Guide


Promotion umbrellas are an incredible advertising tool for businesses.

Not only are they very functional items protect you been wetting in the rainy days (especially during the rainy season), but they’re also carried around everywhere which makes them a great advertising medium.

Umbrellas can be used all year round, to protect you from the rain and the sun.

Smart companies make use of the wide printing surface on the umbrellas' panels to print logos or advertising and branding messages.

Customizing umbrellas allow brands to reach large target audiences and thereby increase their visibility. As a result, customized umbrellas play a significant role as moving advertisement to promote companies' brand.

Below, we will guide you in preparing to print your customized umbrellas.

Designing and Configuring your Umbrellas

Our umbrellas are printed through a process called silkscreen printing, which is the same process that is used for shopping bags example.

You can desgin your umbrellas accordance to your preference based on a variety of options available on the website. Each available option is explained through a short description and and diagrams for each option in our designer's dropdown menus.

As with all promotional items, you always have to bear in mind the maximum dimensions of the printable area before placing your order. Always make sure that the dimensions of the design that you send is do not exceed the dimensions of the printing area. Please also note that the maximum printable area also depends on the type of umbrella that you wish to order. You can find the dimensions for each umbrella type in the large pop-up image accessible in the dropdown menus.

The dimensions will be provided in the following format:



Kindly take note on the below requirements before submitting your artwork to us.

All fonts must be outlined (so that it cannot be edited by typing)

Colors used in the artwork should be exactly colors to follow the color book of Panton TPX(Solid colors)

The design should be 300 pixes DPI at least.The artworks should be PDF/PSD or AI formate.

If you choose to have 2 different designs (Design 1 + Design 2) to be printed on the umbrella, then you should submit 2 files. Each design should always be sent in a separate file.

After that, you may sit back and relax while waiting for your personalized umbrellas to arrive at your doorstep. Have fun printing umbrellas with us.