Shortcomings of Outdoor Advertising Parasol Umbrellas

- May 31, 2019-

advertising parasol umbrella


1. The coverage of advertising umbrella is small, because most of the enemy field advertising sun umbrellas are fixed and the coverage is not large. The promotion area is small, so you should pay special attention to the selection of the address when setting up outdoor advertising umbrellas. For example, the advertising umbrellas are usually built in areas with high population density and high activity. For example, airports and railway stations, the steamship terminal, where has a large population of people from the south to the north, and can do national advertising.


2. The effect of outdoor advertising umbrellas is difficult to measure. Because the object of the outdoor promotion umbrella is the person who is active outdoors. These people have the nature of moving, so their tolerance of advertising is difficult to estimate. And they are always in contact with the moving, so the gaze is very short. Even for a fraction of a second. Sometimes people may see many outdoor advertising umbrellas at the same time. Therefore, in order to better play the role of outdoor advertising umbrella, it is very important to make more attracting contents to let people stay longer in the visual.


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