Structure and usage method of fully automatic umbrella

- Dec 06, 2018-

The automatic umbrella is an umbrella top composed of umbrella cloth, rib, umbrella hoop, spring, top hat, string, etc. The umbrella rod with the metal stick passing through the heart and the handle with the switch are the three main components.

The metal rod that passes through the rod is connected to one end of the rib through a string, and the switch on the handle is connected. The closing of the switch drives the metal rod up and down, and acts on the end of the rib through the string to drive another rib or overturned with the umbrella cloth, and the umbrella is opened or closed. The spring in the top of the umbrella is used to overcome the excessive tension of the umbrella cloth and to assist.

The automatic umbrella comprises a canopy, an umbrella pole, a umbrella handle, a support rod, a canopy support rod and a support rod connection seat, and is characterized in that: a linkage mechanism is composed of a moving switch, a wire rope, an upper and a lower bearing, a gear and a transmission chain, Installed in the umbrella pole; one bearing is installed on the top and bottom of the umbrella pole, and the steel wire rope is set on the two bearings, and a "Z" shaped mobile switch seat hole is opened at the appropriate position below the umbrella pole, and the wire rope at the corresponding position is A switch that moves up and down with the wire rope; one side of the wire rope above the umbrella pole is connected with the wire rope for a section of the drive chain, and one gear is mounted on each side of the umbrella pole at the corresponding position, and the gear and the transmission chain mesh with each other, and the gears are respectively Secure several umbrella support rods.