Structure composition of umbrellas

- Dec 06, 2018-

The structure of the umbrella mainly consists of a handle, an rib, and a canopy.

In addition to the main structure, there are umbrella belts, sky cloth, fungus flowers, umbrellas, umbrella beads, umbrella sleeves, and umbrella sleeves. The sky cloth is inside the umbrella and the fungus flower is outside the umbrella.

Umbrella handle:

The main function is to protect the umbrella handle is the main bone of the umbrella, supporting the entire umbrella, mainly made of wood, bamboo, metal plastic, plastic, or other synthetic materials.


It is mainly composed of main ribs, ribs and hinged seats.

The main rib is also called an umbrella stand, and the supporting umbrella cloth is characterized in that the hinged seat portion connected to the main rib and the rib is respectively injected into the groove of the U-shaped rib to form a pack of reset and hinged. Seat, the hinge seat is integrally formed with the main rib, and the rib is fixed at one end, the main rib is received by the inclusion body, in the main rib groove on both sides of the hinge seat, and on the periphery of the main rib A plurality of annular bodies are injected by injection molding, and the annular body is integrally formed with the main rib.

Because it supports the entire umbrella surface, it can be folded to be opened and easy to carry. The ribs are usually made of iron, aluminum, wood, fiber, etc.

The rib is also called the umbrella pole or the umbrella rod. The link handle and the main rib are the functions of supporting the whole umbrella when the umbrella is opened. Generally, this part is made of solid wood, iron, aluminum alloy, glass fiber bone, etc. Lighter material.