The Fashion of Umbrella and Umbrella recommend

- Jul 19, 2019-

The Fashion of Umbrella and Umbrella recommend 

No matter where you are.

Holding a good quality umbrella while it's a rainy day ,that should be a good feeling as you can image about ...

Firstly,the umbrellas not be found in UK but the UK made it to be perfect.At the begining,Umbrellas stands for power but not use for protect rains.The time after 1600s,umbrellas take part for rainy using.
A writer and traveller names Jonas Hanway from UK。He hold an umbrella be laughed on street,at last,people accept such a strange thing to be rain protector,and now,umbrellas plays an important part of human's daily life.
There is too much rain in UK.So,really nessessary for people to hold an umbrella,to hold a special good quality umbrella.

The Top quality umbrella all by hand made.

Use the Top quality wooden and makes each of the umbrella to be unique.

Fulton Umbrella from UK.

Fulton Umbrellas famous for the cage umbrella.

We made a good and similar umbrella in this,we called that Papillon Umbrella for Trespass UK.


Swaine Adeney Brigg
Swaine Adeney Brigg。
《Kingsman: The Secret Service》 The tool's umbrella using Swaine Adeney Brigg
London Undercover
Francesco Maglia
Vancouver Umbrella

So,this is all of the umbrellas we can share.

Each of the umbrella can be produced by Xiamen Sunshine Brella Co.,ltd.

As we are one of the manufacture located in China,we accept all of the design from buyers/customers.Our many products is golf umbrella and promotion items.