Umbrella Customization – Golf Umbrella With A Waterproof Cover

- Jun 01, 2019-

Every time after the rain, the umbrella will drop a lot of water, drip in your car, on the floor of your home, and on the table of your office. You always need to take care of the rainy umbrella. How to customize an umbrella to solve this situation?


First, choose the waterproof umbrella cloth when customizing the umbrella

Umbrellas with unique fabrics and coatings have very good hydrophobicity and 3 times the drying ability of ordinary umbrellas. Usually just shake and dry. Even if it is heavy raining, you can just shake the umbrella a few times before entering the door. It can be dried for a few minutes, and its drying speed is three times that of ordinary umbrellas.


Second, add this PVC waterproof cover when customizing the umbrella

What makes this large golf umbrella special is that it comes with a PVC waterproof umbrella cover. When you enter the car or your house on a rainy day, you’ll never have to worry about the umbrella getting your house and car wet. Not only is the umbrella itself waterproof, windproof and UV protection, it also helps you keep your home and car clean and tidy!

golf umbrella waterproof cover

windproof golf umbrella with waterproof cover