Umbrella manufacturers: Umbrella Dryer - Say goodbye to plastic umbrella covers!

- Jun 03, 2019-

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On rainy days, machines at the entrance in many public places are equipped with plastic bags for umbrellas. This will not only bring convenience to people, but also avoid leaving a puddle water stain indoors, but it will also cause new problems: First, it is not environmentally friendly; second, if the rain stops when going out, someone will inevitably forget to take out the umbrella timely, causing the umbrella wet to rust, mold, and odor.


Korean designer Do Hyeung Kim has launched an umbrella dryer with Dyson's patented technology to eliminate umbrella bagging by quick drying.

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Do Hyeung Kim's slim groove design of the umbrella dryer use for reference of  Dyson's fanless fan and Dyson's signature motor on the bottom. It uses Dyson's patented cyclonic technology to create a powerful whirlwind, which in conjunction with the heating function, allows the wet umbrella to dry out in less than a minute.

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The inner wall of the groove is available in four colors: gray, purple, orange and blue, and the "dyson" mark at the bottom of the groove will illuminate during air drying. The wind-force can be adjusted by the slider switch located on the back, depending on the amount of water on the umbrella.

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This dryer is very similar to the umbrella cover machine, but the designer gives a design with only a long umbrella and no folding umbrella, and the slender shape does not seem to be very friendly for the folding umbrella. If Dyson puts this umbrella dryer into production, it should probably consider launching a shorter, wider "folding umbrella version" at the same time.


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