Umbrella of the 5 categories, do not see do not know!

- Dec 06, 2018-

4000 years ago, a child had a large lotus leaf on his head, walking in the rain, and the raindrops rolled down from the convex beveled edge of the lotus leaf, which inspired people to invent the umbrella. Later, umbrella became a must-have item in people's lives.

And from the appearance to the function is constantly enriched. Do you know what kinds of umbrellas are there? Look over~~~

Umbrella: Umbrella with practical functions such as rain, wind, sun and UV protection, including umbrellas for rain protection; sunshade and UV protection umbrellas; and rain and rain umbrellas.

Craft umbrella: Umbrella used for decorative viewing on sunny days, mainly used for gifts, stage, props, decorative lights, including oil paper umbrellas, cloth umbrellas, plastic umbrellas, wedding umbrellas, etc.

Polyester umbrella: The color is more beautiful. After the umbrella fabric is placed on the hand, the crease is obvious and it is not easy to restore. When the fabric is moving, it will feel resistance and make a rustling sound. Coated on polyester

The upper layer of silver glue is what we usually call silver umbrella (UV protection). However, after a long period of use, the folded silver glue is easily detached.

PG umbrella: PG is also called impact cloth, the color is matte, the hand feels like cotton cloth, the light resistance is better, the UV protection function, the quality stability, the color grade are ideal, it is a better umbrella.

Cloth, generally only used in high-end umbrellas.

Nylon umbrella: bright color, light fabric, soft handfeel, reflective surface, feel like silk on the hand, hand rubbing back and forth, resistance is small, high strength is not easy to break, widely used in umbrella

On the price, it is more expensive than polyester and PG.

Manual umbrella: manual opening and folding, long handle umbrella, folding umbrella have manual.

Semi-automatic umbrella: automatic opening, manual folding, generally long-handled umbrella is semi-automatic, and now there are two-fold umbrella or three-fold umbrella is semi-automatic.

Automatic Umbrella: Open and hand and are fully automatic, and the first and last manual push back, mainly three-fold automatic umbrella.

Long handle umbrella: The windproof effect is good, especially the umbrella handle with more ribs. The windy and heavy rain is a good choice, but it is not so convenient to carry.

Two-fold umbrella: combined with the wind-proof function of the long-handle umbrella, and better carrying than the long-handle umbrella, many manufacturers have developed two-fold umbrellas to make high-end umbrellas or umbrellas.

Three-fold umbrella: compact, easy to use, but against the wind and heavy rain is more inferior than the long handle or two-fold umbrella.

Five-fold umbrella: smaller than the three-fold umbrella, easy to carry, but the storage is more difficult to fold, the umbrella surface is relatively small.

There are also rare four-fold and six-fold umbrellas, mainly for people on business trips who are more convenient to carry.

Pencil Umbrella: Because the body is slender and named, the keel of the umbrella is indeed the thickness of the pencil. Because it is small and easy to carry, the style is very popular and popular. Ultra-small pencil umbrella for main sun protection and UV protection.

Golf Umbrella: The most common ones are straight golfers with open golf umbrellas and straight golf umbrellas. Because of the large umbrellas, they tend to be more popular, and their strength is often unstable. More and more user-friendly design is to put the umbrella surface

It is made into a double layer. When it is used normally, the rainwater can't enter the umbrella. When the wind blows over, it is discharged along the top of the air, thus reducing the force on the hand.