Umbrella production process

- May 21, 2019-

To know the production process of the umbrella, we must first understand what is the main part of the umbrella. Although an umbrella requires multiple parts to form a complete one, we only need to know the key parts. The most important thing is the umbrella canopy, the rib and the handle. Others are some small details. As long as there are these three parts, it can be said that it is already an umbrella.


It seems that an ordinary umbrella, whether made of high-quality materials or ordinary, has something in common. That is, the production process is basically the same.


The first is to choose what kind of material umbrella stand, umbrella cloth and other required accessories, and all of these have grades, according to various requirements of customers, correspondingly choose different materials to make advertising umbrella, the price will have a certain float. Then the first thing to do is to use the machine to cut the cloth into several pieces according to the required size. After that, matching the edge, connect the umbrella cloth, then make an umbrella frame, besides resize and position the size according to the umbrella style you want to make. Next, the cut umbrella can be sent to the next step, and the open umbrella can be stitched to form a polygon. At this step, a prototype of the umbrella canopy comes out. Because most of the advertising umbrellas are based on both rain and rain. A umbrella needs to be coated that requires a coating can be processed. The printed pattern is the last step, after the advertising umbrella is finished. General small umbrella manufacturers will send umbrellas to the designated printing factory for printing, but there are also some large umbrella factories that have relatively complete machine and technologies and have their own complete set of equipment.


The key parts mentioned before, there are umbrella stands and umbrella handles. Many manufacturers now buy them directly from the outside, as long as they can process them again. There are many other small parts that have a division of labor, because some places with umbrella manufacturers have a fixed industrial chain, and few have their own factories to make. Like the folding umbrella, there are also professional folding umbrellas workers, mainly responsible for the finished folding umbrellas and packaging.