What is golf umbrella and the difference between golf umbrellas and ordinary umbrellas

- May 07, 2019-

golf umbrella

What is golf umbrella?


We often see golf umbrellas in golf clubs and racing games. The biggest feature of this umbrella is that it can be said to be the biggest umbrella that can be held in the hand. The normal specifications are between 25 inches and 32 inches. As more people understand the quality of this umbrella, the appearance is beautiful, the sunshade and rain effect are good, and the golf umbrella is gradually popularized. Especially in recent years, the golf umbrella is used as a gift for business gifts, which is widely used in high-end hotels, high-end club property management, high-end residential villas.


The difference between golf umbrellas and ordinary umbrellas


1. The umbrella surface of the ordinary umbrella is single-layered, and it is easy to turn over the umbrella when it is windy; the umbrella surface of the golf umbrella is double-layered, and the air leakage groove is formed between the two layers of the umbrella surface and the rib, which is effective against wind. It is not easy to turn over the umbrella.

2. The characteristics of the golf umbrella is that the umbrella surface is larger, the materials used are more stressful, the ribs are tough and not easy to break, and the relative cost is also high.

3. The difference between umbrellas and golf umbrellas is not only in function, but also in the process of parasols and umbrellas. There is silver glue on the inside of the umbrella cloth, and the golf umbrella itself has the function of preventing ultraviolet rays in the process.

4. The main purpose of the golf umbrella is to protect the skin from sun protection and UV rays. The umbrella has both sun protection and rain protection. But its relative sun protection effect is weaker than the golf umbrella.