What kind of custom made umbrella do your customers need?

- Jun 03, 2019-


As the weather gets hotter, many companies will prefer advertising umbrellas as promotional gifts, whether it is a parasol or an umbrella, which is very suitable for summer promotional items. So, which custom umbrella is best for your business? SUNSHINE umbrella industry summarizes the following points from the 10-year umbrella customization experience:


First, folding umbrella customization

For enterprises engaged in communication mobile phones, the number of customers is large and wide, so the demand for promotional items is relatively large, and it is more suitable for purchasing umbrellas with higher cost-effective performance, that is, inexpensive three-fold umbrellas. The three-fold umbrella is rainy and sunny dual use, easy to carry, and a three-fold umbrella can travel all over the world. Bring the most advertising results to your business.

custom fold umbrella

Second, golf umbrella customization

For the automotive, real estate, hotel and other industries, it is more suitable for golf umbrellas. Because the biggest feature of this umbrella is large, it can be said that it is the largest umbrella that can be held in the hand. The normal specifications are between 32 inches and 42 inches, and the diameter of the umbrella can be up to 59 inches. With the umbrella in hand, the glamour value rises linearly. Of course, this umbrella is not only large, but also has good quality, beautiful appearance, good rain-proof effect, etc. Therefore, golf umbrellas are also popular among people. High-end hotels, high-end clubs, and high-end residential villas have also begun to purchase this umbrella in large quantities. So customers who want to get a premium gift, don't miss this golf umbrella.

Fold Golf Umbrella for BMW 

Third, capsule umbrella customization

For women's brands such as cosmetics, clothing, hair accessories, etc., we must deeply grasp the girl's love of beauty, and the pencil umbrella capsule umbrella with a high value is definitely the best choice for a girl who loves beauty. The pencil umbrella is named as a capsule umbrella because of its small size and slimness. Therefore, this type of umbrella is also popular because of its small size and portability. This umbrella is very suitable for storage in bags. For girls, whether it is shopping, getting around or traveling, it is convenient to carry and save storage space. Fashion and practicality coexist, so women brand customers should not miss this custom capsule umbrella.

custom umbrella for women