What kind of material is good for the rib? How to repair the rib if broken?

- May 09, 2019-

With the development of technology. Umbrellas have also changed, from the previous oil-paper umbrellas to the current variety of umbrellas. With the change of the umbrella surface, the ribs have also changed. Most of the previous ribs were wood and bamboo ribs. Later, there were iron rib, steel rib, aluminum alloy rib (also called fiber rib), electric rib and resins rib.


1. Aluminum ribs: light weight and low price.


2. Chemical fiber ribs: light weight, durable and strong wind resistance.


3. Carbon fiber ribs: light weight. Disadvantages: Wind resistance is average, and the price is the most expensive of all materials.


4. Wooden ribs: traditional Chinese umbrella is often used.


5. Iron ribs: strong and durable, the price is slightly more expensive than the aluminum bone.

umbrella ribs


How to repair the umbrella ribs?


The place where the umbrella is easy to break is the small tips on the side. The small tip is attached to the inner steel bar skeleton, because the wind blows the skeleton loosely and the cap eye is loose. In this case, the solution is to find a thin piece of cloth or plastic, and put the cap and the steel strip together to plug it. This way the umbrella can continue to be used.


The connection of the skeleton steel bars of the umbrella is broken. This is also a common situation. When the umbrella is opened, one or more sides will collapse. In this case, the solution is to find a pair of pliers, preferably a needle-nosed pliers will be more convenient to use, as well as wire. Carefully observe and find the iron tip that will connect the bad parts, and replace it with a wire. Tighten with pliers and note that the end of the wire is twisted and the umbrella is not covered.


There is also a case where the shrinking position of the umbrella is broken. After the umbrella is opened, the button will always be automatically stowed. You can't always walk with your umbrella by hand! In this case, a knife such as a fruit knife is generally required. The button position will be flattened when it is opened, because the total use, as well as the damage of the wind, makes the button position unfair, rounded, and can not hold the umbrella. It can be solved by flattening the plastic card position with a knife. The general problems can be solved with these several methods.


In addition to the above several conditions, the sunny umbrella needs to be repaired. There are also several cases: the wind is easy to cause the small wire of the rib to bend, and the wire can be straightened by hand to avoid the rivet falling off or the umbrella cloth being punctured; The handle is rusty, which may cause the opening to be uncomfortable. Use a small screwdriver or a toothpick to dip the lubricant into the shank joint, and then open it several times. If it can't be solved, then you have to throw the umbrella away, because the umbrella structure is as simple as that. No matter how big the problem is, there is no need to fix it.


Note: After using the umbrella in rainy days, be sure to remember to dry it and then store it, so that the umbrella handle will not be so easy to rust. It is also a good maintenance of the umbrella, and the life of the umbrella naturally increases.