What kind of sun umbrella is a good parasol?

- May 23, 2019-

Sun umbrellas are also called parasols, which are mainly used to cover direct sunlight. For some methods and techniques on how to choose parasols correctly, umbrella manufacturers have summarized seven methods:


1. Choose a larger umbrella. Due to the shrinking nature of the fabric, when purchasing a parasol, the umbrella surface should be larger and not too small.


2. The color of the umbrella canopy, deeper color better than the light color. The color of the fabric is related to the UV protection properties. Under the same conditions, the darker the color of the fabric, the better the UV protection. In contrast, the function of UV blocking of black, navy, dark green is better than that of lighter blue, light pink, light yellow, etc.


3. Choose brand-name products. Beware of ordinary umbrellas (no UV blocking function) be used as anti-UV umbrellas.


4. Polyester fabric is better. The UV protection performance is judged based on the fabric properties of the umbrella canopy. In general, cotton, silk, nylon, viscose, etc. have poor UV protection properties, while polyester is preferred. Polyester fabrics commonly used for umbrellas are satin cloth, Macintosh cloth etc. In addition, the anti-UV performance is best in satin and sateen fabric, followed by twill and plain fabric, and the deeper the color, the better.


5. The umbrella surface processing. Whether the sun protection umbrellas can prevent ultraviolet rays or not, fabric texture is not the most important, Basically should see manufacturer made what kind of technology processing to cloth. Generally, cotton and linen fabrics have certain UV protection properties.


6. Greater fabric density is good. When selecting the umbrella canopy cloth, the anti-ultraviolet performance of the umbrella which is obviously sparse in the fabric is generally poor, and the consumer must be careful of it.