What should we pay attention to when custom gift umbrella?

- May 18, 2019-

gift umbrella advertising umbrella


Gift umbrellas are often used in various commercial activities. Many corporate companies express their gratitude to customers through gift umbrellas, which promotes deeper cooperation and communication between the two parties.


Gift umbrellas have many advantages, such as long advertising time, low advertising expenses, and a wide audience. The general gift umbrella is also called a advertising umbrella, which is the kind of folding or straight-shaped gift umbrella that we usually use when it rains. The gift umbrella is roughly divided into two types: straight umbrella and folding umbrella, and the folding gift umbrella has two-fold gift umbrella and three-fold gift umbrella, this is not much different from the price. Gift umbrellas mainly depend on the quality of workmanship. The price ranges from US$1.00 to US$10 regarding the quality of the gift umbrella, the umbrella fabric used is also very important. The umbrella fabric of the gift umbrella has a general umbrella cloth and also has silver coating or vinyl umbrella fabric. Umbrella fabric with silver or black coating can play the role of UV protection, and its price will be slightly more expensive than the gift umbrella without coating.


Let me talk about the printing of gift umbrellas. The text pattern and logo on the gift umbrella, there are several printing methods, generally using silk screen, thermal transfer, etc., silk screen gift umbrella color is generally not too much, if you want to customize the gift umbrella above the performance of a very complex pattern, you can use of thermal transfer, thermal transfer printing gift umbrella price is slightly higher than the silk screen gift umbrella, because the cost of thermal transfer is relatively high, in the custom advertising umbrella will also involve plate making, the general version of the fee is not very expensive. If the number of custom gift umbrellas is more, you can also avoid the cost of making the gift umbrella printing. The general large advertising umbrella can be custom made a small MOQ, but the price will be more expensive, and the ordinary gift umbrella mass production requires at least 500-1000 MOQ.


Umbrella manufacturer explained that each company has different positioning for itself, and the specifications and requirements of the customized gift umbrella will be different, and the price will naturally differ.