Which umbrella is the coolest?

- Dec 06, 2018-

There are many kinds of umbrellas on the market, there are sunscreens, double-layered, three-layered, and UPF50 or above (UPF is known as the sunscreen index of sunshades, SPF like sunscreen), and some also have "cooling down" "prompt. The more data, the easier it is to make people look at it. What kind of umbrella is easy to use? Today's trend lab draws on the practice of online umbrella sellers to measure how much temperature different umbrellas can cover and cool a few degrees.

Material preparation:

No. 1 umbrella (ordinary umbrella, single layer, no film), No. 2 umbrella (ordinary umbrella, single layer, with silver film), No. 3 umbrella (double layer of black plastic umbrella), thermometer.

Test time: This Tuesday at 1:30 pm. The highest temperature: 40.5 degrees. Location: Zhejiang Newspaper Courtyard

Step1: Place the thermometer in the sun for 10 minutes, and the thermometer shows 51 °C.

Step2: Hang the thermometer under the umbrella with a hook and hide in the shadow to test. The test time for each umbrella is 10 minutes.


Shadow: The shadow under the No. 1 umbrella is the lightest, the No. 2 umbrella is the second, and the No. 3 umbrella is the deepest.

Temperature: The thermometer under No. 1 shows 50 °C; the thermometer under No. 2 shows 44 °C; the thermometer under No. 3 shows 44 °C.

Although the results are only responsible for this experiment, it can be seen from it that the shading effect of the sunshade and the umbrella has a big difference, not only the light transmittance is different, but also the temperature difference under the umbrella is five or six degrees. However, the single-layer silver film umbrella that can be bought for 30-40 yuan on the market and the double-layer vinyl umbrella with the price of nearly 300 yuan have almost no cooling effect, except that the No. 3 umbrella is slightly lighter. In addition, the umbrella is not a full-scale sunscreen, and it is completely unrealistic to hope. Pair it with other sunscreens.

Science teacher: choose an umbrella to see three points: color, coating, UPF value