A Brief Analysis Of The Classification, Function And Propaganda Features Of Advertising Umbrella

- Dec 06, 2018-

Folding umbrella:

Function: It is easy to carry with both rain and rain, and is suitable for female users.

Features: This umbrella can be used in two styles, such as two fold, three fold, four fold, and five fold, depending on the user.

The biggest feature of the folding umbrella is that it is convenient, practical and folded. After folding, the minimum length is only about 25CM. It is small in size and very convenient to carry. It can be placed in a carry-on bag or placed in a pocket for your convenience. At the same time as the umbrella was opened, the advertisement on the umbrella began to be publicized at that time, all over the corner. The high-carbon solid skeleton produced by our factory makes the folding umbrella have high practical value.

Straight umbrella:

Function: business atmosphere, can be matched with all kinds of clothing, strong and durable

Features: This umbrella is very convenient to open. There is only one small switch that can be opened with a single push, which is very convenient. As a gift from the company, the advertising effect is strong and the influence is strong. In particular, the curved handle umbrella can also be used as a cane for the elderly.

The advantage of the straight umbrella relative to the folding umbrella is relatively strong. According to the business temperament, it is mostly used for activities gifts of hotels, automobile 4S shops, government units, etc.