Analysis Of Business Golf Umbrella

- Dec 06, 2018-

We can often see it in golf clubs and racing games. The biggest feature of this umbrella is that it can be said to be the biggest umbrella that can be held in the hand. The normal specifications are 25 inches-30 inches. As more people understand the quality of this umbrella, the appearance is beautiful, the sunshade and rain effect are good, and the golf umbrella is gradually popularized. High-end hotels, high-end clubs, and high-end residential villas have also begun to adopt.

Golf umbrellas, materials are often more sophisticated. The umbrella skeleton is mostly made of all-fiber synthetic material, and the unique toughness of the fiber umbrella frame ensures that the umbrella will not be blown off by the strong wind. However, some of them are considered from the perspective of cost. If the trough (iron) or round bone (iron) is used, it will not take long for the rib to break. Normally, we do not recommend customers to choose. Most of the fabrics of golf umbrellas are made of medium and high-grade umbrellas. Among them, there are mainly 190 nylon silver tape and 190PG cloth. With such fabrics, the umbrellas are often flat, and the water drops quickly after the rain. 190 nylon silver tape has anti-UV function, which can filter out the hot summer heat, and the gorgeous color is pleasing to the eye. 190PG cloth (also often referred to as touch juice cloth) is soft and very textured. It is unpretentious and makes people feel stable and generous. The handle of the golf umbrella is mostly EVA (commonly known as: sponge), and the handle feels good. There are also plastic handles or wooden handles, but it is better to use a rubber handle, which is moderately soft and hard, and is very comfortable to hold in your hand.

Golf umbrellas, nowadays more styles, the most common ones are straight golfers, golf clubs, straight golf umbrellas, and two-fold golf umbrellas. Because of the large umbrellas, they tend to be more popular. After a strong wind, the strength is small. , often unstable, more and more humanized design, this problem is better solved, improved on the golf umbrella surface, the common practice is to make the umbrella surface double, the lower layer The top of the umbrella surface is emptied, and then the upper layer is covered on the lower layer, which is larger than the air permeable hole. It is just covered, and a small number of needles are sutured in the upper and lower layers. When it is used normally, the rainwater cannot enter the umbrella, the wind When it was blown over, the top of the surplus was drained out. There is another way to do the same with some methods. Simply make the umbrella stand double-layered, a bit like a Chinese pavilion. The wind can't go, the rain can't come. Sometimes these ideas are really screaming.