Analysis Of Umbrella Industry In China

- Dec 06, 2018-

The development of the technical level of the industry is mainly reflected in new materials and new processes. Today Xiaobian will take everyone to analyze the Chinese umbrella industry.

As a traditional industry that provides consumer goods for consumers, the production technology of customized umbrellas has experienced a long history. In the process of developing the basic functions of umbrellas to fast-moving consumerization, portability, and fashion, the technical level of the industry has also been comprehensive. The improvement is mainly manifested in:

(1) Application of new materials

The umbrella material and umbrella frame materials involved in the manufacture of traditional umbrellas are light industry and heavy industry products. In recent years, the umbrella cloth materials have been introduced, especially the umbrellas. Only the UV-resistant fabrics have silver glue, satin, pearl glue, impact cloth, There are dozens of laser rushing, color weaving, polyester interlacing, etc. Plastic umbrella fabrics, which are typical fast-moving consumer goods, have also been developed from ordinary PVC materials into environmentally friendly POE materials. In terms of the material of the umbrella frame, it adapts to the demand for the portable product of the umbrella product, and the development of the traditional steel bone to the aluminum alloy bone, the glass fiber bone, the carbon fiber bone and even the titanium alloy bone. New materials such as carbon fiber, aviation aluminum, TEFLON, coated silicon cloth, and CORDURA nylon are widely used. On the high-end umbrella, it has taken its function to a new level. It is foreseeable that the application of new materials will further promote the upgrading of umbrella products and enhance the quality of life of the public.

(2) Product design and development technology

In recent years, umbrella products have also made great progress in the structure of umbrella stands, especially the windproof design, and even in the windy weather, even if it is blown, it is not easy to break the anti-bone design of the umbrella stand.

Umbrella fabric style, color and umbrella frame design are also more use of three-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD), combined with hand-painted design, optimized sample manufacturing and trial production process, making the umbrella product more diversified, the structure is more compact and firm The packaging is more beautiful and the update cycle is shorter.

(3) Product manufacturing process

The umbrella industry is a labor-intensive manufacturing industry, especially the finished umbrella sewing system has long been based on needlework, and the overall mechanization is low. In recent years, a series of umbrella equipment such as computerized large-scale cutting machine, computer high-speed single-line car, computer umbrella top machine, tape machine, bead tail machine, automatic pipe welding machine, and slot automatic mold forming machine are in the process of making umbrellas. The wide use of parts has improved the production efficiency of parts and reduced the labor intensity, which to some extent represents the level of the world umbrella industry.

In general, the technological innovation of the umbrella industry in China has achieved certain development, and some leading enterprises have accumulated considerable technical strength. However, the industry as a whole has a large space for development in the fields of equipment level, product design innovation capability, new material application, and scientific management.

The above is the analysis of the umbrella industry brought to you by Xiaobian today. I hope that I can help everyone! If you have any questions or interests, you can go to the consultation, everything depends on you!