Do You Understand The Index Of Umbrellas?

- Dec 06, 2018-

Customized umbrella sunscreen index, I believe that everyone does not usually understand these.

1. Which umbrellas can be called UV protection umbrellas?

Answer: According to the national standard GB/T18830 for textile anti-UV products: only the product's UPF value is greater than 30, and the UVA value is less than 5%, it can be called "anti-UV products", and this standard is currently being implemented.

2. Which fabrics have good UV protection?

A: The anti-ultraviolet effect is good: silver glue, satin, jacquard satin, color weave, pearl glue, impact cloth, nylon polyester interwoven cloth.

3. Can the UV-proof umbrella be used in rainy weather?

A: It can be used. However, after the rainwater is wet, the UV protection function of the umbrella may be reduced. It is best to use the parasol and the umbrella separately.

4. Which fabric umbrellas can be used for both weather and rain?

A: Umbrellas are both rain and rain. However, some special fabrics, such as burnt cloth, satin cloth, TC cloth, silver glue and other light-colored fabrics, after the rain, are easy to cause dirty, it is best not to use in rainy days, it is best to use dark colors in rainy days. Fabric.

5. The umbrella surface of the anti-UV umbrella is dirty, can it be washed?

A: It can be washed, but it may affect the UV protection effect.

6. Which umbrellas can be washed? Which umbrellas should not be washed? What should I do if I am dirty?

A: Generally, the umbrella surface can be washed. It is mainly washed with water, but it can not be rubbed. It can only be brushed gently with a soft brush.