Material Analysis Of Custom Advertisement Umbrella Bone

- Dec 06, 2018-

Do you know about the umbrella of the advertising umbrella? Today, Xiaobian will take you to analyze the material of the rib.

Often there will be customers who choose to advertise their umbrellas. There is such a consideration. I don’t know what kind of materials to choose from, such as iron, wood, fiber or aluminum. . Enterprises need to customize umbrellas of different materials according to their own requirements, in order to better marketing.

If the advertising umbrella you need to do has cost considerations, we know that the umbrella industry will recommend iron for the first time, because the common cost of making iron is naturally lower than normal, but the disadvantage is naturally the same as its price. Durability is not as high as other materials, it is easier to break. This is also a lot of business choices, and the umbrella of iron materials is also very common, so even if sent out, no one will feel low-grade.

You can also choose wood. The choice of wood is basically because its middle stick and handle are both wood and solid wood. The characteristic of the wood umbrella is retro and the wood feels good. Its cost will be It is about two or three percent more expensive than iron, and the overall quality is medium.

If you want to make a more upscale advertising umbrella, we recommend using fiber. Nowadays, the material composition of high-grade umbrellas is made of more fibers. The main features of the fibers are durable, strong and tough, and there is no rust. It is easy to break the problems that often occur in these other umbrellas. The shortcoming is that it is The cost is twice as high as that of ordinary materials.

In addition to aluminum alloy, in fact, the material of aluminum alloy is not only costly but also not very durable. The choice of aluminum alloy is to look at its weight and appearance, because the aluminum alloy is very light and the appearance is also relatively good. Fashionability, if the same material is well matched, the overall appearance of an umbrella looks very high-grade. For example, an umbrella for a 27-inch aluminum golf umbrella, most customers will choose because its appearance is very high-grade, and then Plus the quality of the white fiber bone is not bad.

So if you want to choose an advertising umbrella, we must first consider our cost, and then understand which material quality is more in line with our requirements, and finally customize our own according to specific requirements. A suitable advertising umbrella.