The Knowledge Of Umbrella Gift Selection

- Dec 06, 2018-

As a state of etiquette, and not to indecent assault, we will choose some personalized gifts and gifts with certain meanings and styles in many business activities and personal contacts.

If you choose the right gift, you can not only win the goodwill and respect of the other party, but also strengthen the recognition and understanding of both parties.

Therefore, it is very important to choose the type and design the pattern and function.

General enterprises and institutions gifts are divided into several categories according to the situation of madness or gift:

1. Promotion, promotion, promotion:

Governments, enterprises or some institutions often host and participate in publicity activities for large-scale events, product promotion, promotion, development of new customers, large-scale exhibitions, and so on. The general government's main propaganda department sponsors and participates in some new policies and policies of the party and the state. It takes the grassroots and the community to participate in activities. It requires the participation of the majority of party members, cadres and the masses. It will produce and distribute some gifts. First, it will enhance the effectiveness of publicity and put some key points. The slogan of the view is for everyone to bring back, and the second is to attract more people to participate. When commercial enterprises such as enterprises launch new product launches, product promotions, and various exhibitions, they will certainly produce some gifts with corporate logos and a certain propaganda role, which will be distributed in large areas.

Gifts of this kind are generally carried out in conjunction with the organization of the theme activities, gifts will be selected and customized for the participating groups, so that everyone loves to use.

Due to the large number of these gifts, some products with moderate value will be selected, preferably daily.

Umbrella products are a regular option for these scene gifts, and consistent feedback is good from the actual implementation.

Fast-moving categories (cosmetics, clothes, beverages, mobile phones) promotion activities, women are mostly recommended to use folding umbrellas, easy to carry.

It is recommended to use straight umbrellas for exhibitions and large-scale events, as well as reverse umbrellas that have been popular in recent years. It feels good to open on the spot and is easy to display ads.

2. Visiting class, high-end customer feedback

When I go to visit customers now, in the past, I like to send any pens, books, desk calendars, U disk and so on. Basically, customers accept, like, and use them relatively low. Many times these gifts are quickly abandoned. First, everyone sent too much, but these things are not lacking in the company, and there is not much value and meaning to the individual.

If you customize the umbrella, you can print the company logo and some information that you need to pass to the customer recently. After the customer gets these umbrellas, it is very practical. He or his family can use it. It will not be abandoned. Most of the umbrellas. It is no problem to use the product for 2 years. In this process, the user will intentionally or unintentionally see your logo and information every time, and deepen his impression. When he hits the umbrella, the advertisement will arrive there.

Folding umbrella:

Using the popular black plastic umbrella in 2018, you can print the customer's logo on the outside of the black plastic, black plastic, and advertising content, which prints the popular pattern inside, or can use the solid color to print outside, inside is black plastic. The umbrella type can be selected from a three-fold umbrella, a five-fold umbrella, a capsule umbrella and an automatic folding umbrella.

Straight umbrella:

Three models are recommended. One is a straight umbrella with iron bones. It has a price advantage. It is a straight umbrella with a solid wood rod and handle. It is a classic retro high-end, and a straight fiber umbrella with a full fiber bone. Wind-resistant, sturdy, lightweight and durable, this industry has been popular in recent years in real estate, finance, automotive, government and other industries and institutions.

Golf umbrella:

This umbrella has always been a symbol of high-end, atmosphere and honor. Because of its large umbrella surface, the umbrella cloth and the umbrella pole are high-end materials, so it has been used in some high-end business occasions, and it is also an essential umbrella for some important reception occasions. Customers with cars, you have to prepare an umbrella for the trunk, you will definitely harvest their hearts.

High-end customers must choose this umbrella.

If your customers are important, it is recommended that you customize the digital full-print, ultra-personalized golf umbrellas to give them a unique gift.

3. Welfare

Many companies or organizations often give employees some benefits. Umbrellas are almost every product used by everyone and every family. Customizing their own umbrellas for employees, one can increase the pride of employees, and the second is free. Advertising to businesses, mobile advertising.

Nowadays, whether you are doing traditional TV, newspaper advertisements, outdoor large screens, or on the Internet, advertising costs are very expensive.

Through this method of granting benefits, it can not only strengthen the corporate culture, but also improve employee satisfaction, and can also advertise to the company. It is a good thing for the three parties to win each other.

Some large international companies will also put these customized umbrellas on their official website, as employees' prizes, and they can also sell to their own employees.

Umbrellas for employee benefits are basically folding umbrellas and straight umbrellas, and can also be used as reverse umbrellas.

4. Personalized umbrella gift

Now is a time of personalization. Everyone is looking for some different products. With the maturity and improvement of digital printing technology, the popularity of 3D printing has made many changes in the umbrella technology, creating a new situation for personalized umbrellas. .

If the company is very young, very individual, and willing to do different things, you can try and do some personalized umbrella products for your customers, friends and couples.

For example, an avatar umbrella, a literary umbrella, a painting umbrella, a personal graffiti umbrella, etc.

If you understand the design yourself, you can also make some patterns to make an umbrella and give it to your customers, friends or family.

Make a good umbrella and add a wonderful life to your life.