Umbrella, There Are So Many Meanings

- Dec 06, 2018-

After the culture of Umbrella has spread from China to the countries of the world, the people of all countries have given the umbrella a certain meaning according to their local customs and historical characteristics. Today, Xiaobian wants to talk to you about the British umbrella culture.

Since the tarpaulin has been circulated from China to the United Kingdom, the British umbrella has a very different cultural meaning. Although the umbrella has caused a lot of twists and turns when it appeared in the UK, it is really necessary to talk about the production level of the umbrella. Said that the UK is at the forefront.

It is said that the 18th century oilcloth umbrella was brought into the United Kingdom by foreign trade merchants. The emergence of new things caused a panic and sensation at that time. Later, because of the Pope's whitewashing, the people accepted this new thing. The United Kingdom has long been in a rainy and bleak weather, and the umbrella is destined to be an indispensable part of British life.

At first, umbrellas have always been a special item for women in the UK, and it is interesting that British women are very fond of umbrellas and combine it with their own love attitudes, such as: erecting an umbrella, indicating that they are firmly in love; The left hand umbrella, said "I have no free time now"; shaking the umbrella slowly, indicating no confidence or distrust; the umbrella on the right shoulder, said that I do not want to see you again.

So, when you see this, you are sure to have doubts. Do British men don’t need an umbrella? No. In the 19th century, British men also began to use umbrellas and began to improve and develop their umbrellas. Today, umbrellas are not only a symbol of the traditional British way of life, but also a symbol of the British.