Cute Cartoon Folding Travel Umbrella

Do you want a suitable umbrella that can protect them from all-weather? Don't get caught off-guard with sudden rain. Equip yourself with this cute and easy to use fold umbrella! You would love this fun fashion umbrella! It is lightweight and the perfect size to be easily carried around when you travel.

Product Details

Product Details

TypeCute Cartoon Fold Travel Umbrella
Size40" or Custom
ColorAs Pantone color, yellow, pink, white, etc.
HandlePlastic, or Custom Wood, Rubber, EVA, PU
MaterialPolyester/ Nylon/ Pongee/ PVC as Your Request
Logo1.Imprinted logo 2. Embroidered 3. Jacquard/embossed logo
SamplesWe can provide free samples, according to practice buyers bear the freight.
Payment terms30% T/T in advance, 70% before loading
Samples Time:Within 5-7 working days


Product Specification

Style: 3 fold umbrella

Current Colors: yellow, pink, white

Structure: 8 ribs, manual open and close

Function: sunshade, rain umbrella

mini Folding Umbrella for girls


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Some tips for umbrella maintenance


Good maintenance methods can extend the life of the umbrella.

1. After the umbrella has been used, it should be placed in a ventilated and dry place to open and dry, and a small amount of lubricating oil should be applied to the rib and the handle to prevent rust and mold.

2. Before opening the umbrella, you should shake the umbrella surface, straighten the rib, and then slowly open it to prevent breakage.

3. Do not hang the umbrella on the alkaline lime wall to prevent the umbrella surface from becoming brittle.

4. Do not use the umbrella to pick things, do not use the umbrella as a cane, do not let the umbrella close to high temperature, prevent the deformation of the umbrella.

5. The new umbrella should not be put on hold for a long time, so as not to be stored for too long and become brittle and deteriorate.

6. In addition, the sun umbrella should also be wiped clean, dry, put it at room temperature for a while, then put it up, can not be very hot to close up, otherwise easy to make the umbrella surface aging, brittle, easy to rotten. Try not to expose to the sun in the hot sun. If you accidentally dirty it, be sure to wipe it clean in time. Don't wait for a long time to wipe it. This is not easy to wipe, it is also unfavorable for the maintenance of the umbrella, which will shorten the life of the umbrella.

7. When the umbrella is folded, hold the top of the umbrella and try not to touch the hand with the sweat stain to touch the place where the umbrella folds and the umbrella surface are handed over.

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