Unicorn Clear Dome Bubble Umbrella For Women

Creative cartoon unicorn automatic Apollo Dome Bubble transparent umbrella custom logo advertising gift umbrella for lady and kids. Color choices: pink, red, blue, green. Its one-button automatic open feature is easy for little hands to operate. The exciting clear dome umbrella will keep your little one smiling and looking for an excuse to walk in the rain. Complete your outfit with matching boots and a raincoat.

Product Details

Unicorn clear bubble umbrella, Fashion transparent dome umbrella, auto open POE stick umbrella for kids, women, windproof umbrella for outdoor weddings.



100% POE environmental friendly canopy

Easy to operate push button release

Fun and exciting cartoon Unicorn patterns

Transparent bubble dome shape

Durable fiberglass bibs windproof construction

POE waterproof fabric that allows a see-through experience

Amazing Size: One Size, open diameter 31.5", arc 46.5"

Available color: Blue Unicorn, Green Unicorn, Red Unicorn, Pink Unicorn



1. Clear umbrella with bubble dome shape.

2. Auto open, lightweight and goodlooking.

3. Resistant to wind and rain. perfect for outdoor weddings or events.

4. Matching color hook umbrella handle and end.

5. Keep an eye on your surroundings while protecting yourself and kids from rain and gusting wind.

6. Long umbrella handle which is 32 inches, and open diameter is 31.5 inches.

7. Romantic design, perfect gift for your girlfriend, lovers or kids.

8. With 8pcs umbrella stands, it is durable.





1.The product contains sharp parts, so ensure safety before use. unfold the cover and gently unfurl the umbrella.

2.Do not use the product when the handle, frame or tip is damaged. 

3.The umbrella may be discolored. Do not put it together with other clothing if the cover is not completely dry.

4.The cover has gone through water-resistance and water-repelling process and have water repelling wire sewed at cover joint. However, leakage may occur in the joint with long time using in heavy rain. Decorative parts such as printing, tips, etc. are practically impossible to avoid leakage. Use with caution. 

5.The waterproof treatment of the cover will fade off at long-term use. Use waterproof sprays or similar products for maintenance.

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